Free Thanksgiving Dinner for 50 Military Families in 50 States

Oct. 31, 2011, Lehi, UT- This Thanksgiving is giving away 50 free Thanksgiving Dinners to deserving military families in all 50 states. The dinners will be donated and delivered to the families in each individual state.

The contest is intended to help military families in need that otherwise would not receive a nice Thanksgiving dinner for their family.

The employees of have stepped up and decided to donate a portion of their paycheck to help these families receive a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Many employees have offered very generous donations to ensure this contest and promotion will be a success.

The winner of the giveaway in each state will receive a free family dinner on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2011. will arrange the full details with the winning family and ensure they are completely compensated for their Thanksgiving feast.

Owner of, Eric Kandell, hopes the contest will give deserving military families across the nation a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

“We are so thankful for the service our troops give that we want to give back to 50 military families nationwide,” Kandell said.  “Everybody deserves a Thanksgiving feast and we want to make that a reality for many of our military families in need.”

Many military families spend holidays, like Thanksgiving, with a family member deployed on military service.  This can make the holiday season a particularly tough time to have a loved one away from home.  Thousands of troops are currently serving deployments nationwide. These families are great to consider and nominate for the Thanksgiving Dinner contest.

“It is really hard to have a loved one away during the holidays,” Kandell said.  “There are a lot of military families that could use a free thanksgiving dinner and we just need our fan base to help us find those families.”

The contest is running through Thanksgiving Day and many Face book and Twitter posts will keep company fans up to date on where needs help. is now accepting nominations for military families in need.

Families can nominate themselves or another military family in need.  We need one military family from all 50 states. To submit an entry for the contest, please submit a 100-300 word essay to and tell us why the military family should be selected.

Please include the following information:

1)      Your Name and name of nominated Family (You can submit your own family or another family in need)

2)      State the nominated family lives in

3)      Number of people in the family

4)      Contact Information (Phone # or Email)

5)      100-300 word essay

“If we can just help one military family have a happy Thanksgiving that will be worth it,” Kandell said.  “This will definitely be the largest and most elaborate contest we have ever run, but we feel it will be well worth the time and effort.”

The family must be associated or enlisted with the military or they will not qualify for the prize.  All entries must be submitted by November 18th, 2011 to enter the giveaway. will pay for dinner for up to 8 individuals in the family.  Any number more than 8 will not be compensated by

One thought on “Free Thanksgiving Dinner for 50 Military Families in 50 States

  1. We are currently stationed here in Lemoore, CA. My husband has served in the Navy and for close to 19 years now. We have 5 girls that age from 9 to 14. We have had hardship like no other and I am not sure how much more our family can bend before it breaks. In February of 2011 we found out our 12 year old daughter had been molested in Texas, where we are from. We have been in and out of the hospital for suicide attempts and cutting due to her trauma and PT SD. It got so bad that last October she was admitted by Dr. Wood, here on base, to an adolescent treatment facility in Reno because she was a danger to herself. While my husband was on deployment she spent 3 and a half months there in Reno, NV. We had to travel there once a month for in-house family therapy. I had been unable to work and had to quit the job I did have because of this and not having her alone when she was home. This was a great strain financially on us as it was already hard with 5 girls. We had to take out loans just to get by and make everything happen. My husband came home last January and our daughter returned home shortly after. A week after she was home she overdosed and we were back at the hospital. The man that did this to her got sentenced to 20 years in April this year and things were starting to look more positive for us even though not financially, until July when our world crashed again. While visiting friends in town, our 14 year old was raped by gang members. You may have heard about it on the news. Because my husband and I immediately took her to the hospital here on base and then the police, she got several death threats so bad that we had to take it to the police where they arrested one boy for terroristic threats. By the advice of the investigator working her case we had to move her back to Texas for her safety. She has been there since July and it is killing us to have her there because we have to take care of her expenses while there. She is begging to come home because her living situation there is not fit and we need to get her home but don’t have the means to do so. Her crying kills me and I want so bad for her to come back home to her family. My husband’s paycheck is being eaten up by loans and we are drowning. To top it off, we switched our direct deposit to USAA and they somehow were missing the last two numbers on our account so we got NO paycheck this week. They are working to get it to us, but when you live paycheck to paycheck it is a nightmare. I have been out of gas for 2 days now and my husband had to come home early to drive us to the girl’s therapy appointment and he is running low in gas now too. We are running out of food. I am praying for a miracle. How does one family dealt with such horrible stuff I will never understand, but we are trying our best to cope and get by. I don’t even want to think about the holidays around the corner. We don’t know how we are even going to make Christmas and the holidays happen. I know these worries bother my husband because he feels like he is a poor provider but he is an amazing father who has been a rock for all of us girls through this. I am asking sincerely for your help in any way you can. Because he is an E8 we don’t qualify for so many programs regardless of our situation and we desperately need it. Thanksgiving would be a blessing and a help!

    Thank you,

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