For Veterans, Home Loans Couldn’t Be Easier

As a veteran, you have sacrificed your time, abilities and life in defense of this nation. You have put this country first and fulfilled your duty to protect the lives of others. Your sacrifice has helped keep this nation safe and your sacrifice does not go unappreciated.


You want to protect your family, and for them to be safe and financially sound. You want a place to call home and where your family can live happily.


It has always been the American Dream to own a home. It is a safe environment for your family and children. It is a place where you can build equity for the future. It is a property you can call your own.


You have had to postpone your dreams to serve this country. Your aspirations were put on hold as you served valiantly. You do not need to wait any longer. Now is the time for you to fulfill the most important of all American Dreams: to own a home.


At LowVARates, we know purchasing a home can be stressful. We want to make this process easy and fast for you. You have served this country greatly, now it is time for us to serve you.


In order to make your dream of owning a house a reality, we at LowVARates help you obtain a Veteran Affairs Loan. With a VA Loan, veterans and their families can become homeowners.


Since 1944, VA Loans have guaranteed more than 20 million home loans to veterans like you. These loans have helped families build, repair, purchase and retain their property.


VA Loans were created to protect veterans from risky investments. At LowVARates, we stand by the principles of openness, integrity and trust. You can be assured there are no hidden fees, failure to disclose or dishonesty. You can trust us to secure your loan and get you the home you deserve.


VA Loans are hassle-free. The conventional loan process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. VA Loans, however, are specifically designed for veterans and are easy and fast. Soon, a house could be yours.


You can buy your home now. With no money down and record low prices, there is no better time to acquire a VA Loan. These loans offer rates up to 0.5% lower than a typical loan, which would save you a great deal of money.


These VA Loans are only available to veterans. At LowVARates, we appreciate your sacrifice for this country. We are experts in helping veterans achieve the dream of owning a home. We want you to succeed and we want you to achieve this American Dream.

There is no easier way to attain a home than with a VA Loan and there is no easier way to make it happen than with

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