Election Day & Presidents of the United States - Where Will You Be?

Low VA Rates Low VA Rates / Published Nov 4, 2016, 2:35 PM


Over the course of U.S. history, the nation has seen 56 presidential elections and 44 Presidents of the United States. In our Election Day video, you can see this presidential history through the growth of the United States in each election year and the number of electoral votes the president received in that year. It's easy to see the mistakes of the past, but much harder to know how the future will play out. This year, we’ve met yet another crossroads. An incredible 1,910 presidential candidates stepped up to the plate, and it’s our job to vote on which path the nation takes. Due to strict requirements and other factors, only a select few candidates will appear on the general election ballots for each state, but every ballot completed on November 8th will contribute to the winner. Where will you be on Election Day?

Voting Percentages

Unfortunately, not everyone will vote. Historically speaking, voting percentages have always been quite low, reaching as low as just 48 percent (and that’s without considering the very low percentages of the early years of the United States). That means in some election years, as much as 52 percent of the voting population did not vote in the general election. More than half! Why? Here are 5 of the top excuses Americans give for not voting and 5 reasons why these excuses are unacceptable.

  1. They are lazy or do not have enough time.
    • Schedule challenges can make it difficult to perform your civic duty, but many people over the course of history have died for the freedom and right to vote. Is it really so difficult to sacrifice just a few minutes of our time?
  2. They think their votes won’t count.
    • Your vote counts within your state. And really, are you going to let less than half of the voting population decide the country’s future? Through individuals like you, we can reach 100 percent.
  3. Registration requirements can be confusing.
    • There are plenty of tools online that will help you register to vote in less than 5 minutes.
  4. They have no knowledge about candidates and their platforms.
    • Take just a few minutes to visit each candidate’s webpage. Read their platforms and where they stand on each issue. You don’t have to watch every presidential debate to know a bit about the candidates.
  5. They dislike the candidates and so don’t want to elect any of them.
    • Even if all of the candidates seem like unpleasant choices, try choosing the candidate whose values best match your own. It is better to vote for a candidate with a small amount of potential than to not vote at all.

If you sympathize with any of these reasons, remember first of all that voting is an important part of citizenship. Voting is also an important right given to all U.S. citizens age 18 and older. This right has been fought for by millions of people in the United States and millions more in other countries. It is because of their sacrifices that you have this right today, so say thank you by voting.

Today’s Candidates

The main candidates of this year’s election are Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary Clinton (Democratic). Like I mentioned above, information about each of these candidates can be found on their individual campaign sites. If you aren’t a fan of the main candidates, voting third party is always an option. This way, you are fulfilling your duties as a citizen and you are being true to your values. It is always important to remember to vote for the candidate who best aligns with your personal values and who you truly believe will best serve our country, no matter which party that candidate falls into.

Exercise Your Right to Vote

Prepare yourself for the election by doing your research on each one of the candidates. Do you know their platforms? Do you know where they stand on major issues? Do you know where you stand on major issues? After doing your research, make your decision and head to the polls. You can help decide the future of the nation. From all of us at Low VA Rates, we urge you to vote for our next president on November 8th.