Blessed by my Military Background

The following essay was submitted by Kara Kresser via our Facebook Essay Challenge where we invited our Facebook Friends to submit a short essay sharing “What is your best experience in (or with) the Military?”

Blessed by my Military Background

I am blessed to come from a huge military background. My grandparents met during WW2 and were married (in uniform none the less) all my uncles on my mom’s side have served and a few on my dad’s side. My dad tried to join but was denied due to his asthma. I also have several cousins who are serving one who just returned and a great uncle who was MIA in WW2. Growing up in a military family such as mine, you learn several things. You learn to respect the country, the flag, those who have served, those serving, those who have been injured and those who never came home. You learn that even if the President is not in the party you normally vote for you respect him and his choices because that is what is expected of you. I mention that my uncles have all served and one of them from my mom’s side lost his legs in Vietnam. He is in a wheelchair and has severe burns on his face. You learn early on that serving is not just for fun. You respect the fact that most if not all of the soldiers are fighting for our country because they choose too. They choose to leave their families and protect ours. You learn how hard it is for those families who understand why their loved one is over there but that they do not have constant communication. So in short, what the military has done for me? It has taught me to respect and have empathy for those who are serving and who has loved ones serving! God Bless the USA.

by Kara Kresser

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