Best Florida Places for Veterans to Visit

There are several places in Florida that you can visit if you recently returned from deployment or perhaps are a veteran and want to spend time with either friends or family.

Orlando Florida

Orlando is the home to Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Sea World. There are a number of affordable vacation packages which will help you save money and also save on travel time as well. If you have kids they will always be very entertained by a lot of rides, along with a number of different parks within a few minutes of each other. The area is also great for adults or those without children as well. There are a number of extreme water parks in the area as well. Some of the favorites are Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Wet ‘n Wild. I personally have visited all of these parks in the last 2yrs. They are a blast and definitely a place worth spending time at with your family and friends.


grand_floridiandisney-worldtyphoon lagoonblizzard_beach_toboggan

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area

The best place to visit if you’re looking for a social time and some great food. I lived in the area for 2yrs and was a great place to live and also an even better place in my opinion to vacation. A very popular place is South Miami Beach. This is where a lot of people go to layout and also enjoy some great food on Ocean Drive. There are a number of clubs in the Miami Beach area you can choose from along with 5-star restaurants and resorts. In my own opinion, I suggest staying at Loews on Miami Beach. It has direct beach access as well as being within walking distance of Ocean Drive. There are a number of restaurants you can choose from like Emeril’s at the St. Moritz, China Grill, 510 Ocean, and DeVito. If you are looking for more of a casual budgeted place to eat they have Jerry’s Diner which is right across the street from Loews Miami Beach. My Favorite is the 11th Street Diner which I tried after seeing it on Food Networks Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Its awesome food and very good priced. Just south of Miami there is an area called coconut grove which is home to a small shopping and eating area called Coco Walk. There are several places to eat and also great shopping as well. It’s very accessible and a wonderful place to enjoy both day and night.


loews miami beach  eleventhStreetExtM

Key Largo Florida and the Florida Keys

The best place to visit if you’re looking for diving/snorkeling. There really isn’t a whole lot in the Florida Keys. It’s a very slow-moving atmosphere which is nice if you are looking to relax. There is one place I would recommend staying in Key Largo which is the Marriott Key Largo Resort. Key Largo is worldwide known to be the Dive Capital of the world. There are a number of places in the northern keys that you can snorkel. In Islamorada which is just south of Key Largo there are a number of fishing tours ranging from deep sea fishing to shark fishing. Also, a number of Dive Tours are down there as well.  One thing to see that is very popular is the “Christ of the abyss” underwater statue. A number of people say that they have been marked by the statue when they have touched it by in reality it’s just covered with Fire Coral which burns and leaves a mark for a short period of time.

christstatue key largo resort florida_keys_map

These are just a few of my suggestions for vacation after a long deployment no matter what branch of military you are in. All these places are fun and full of things to do ranging from relaxation to having a blast doing whatever you could possibly imagine. I’ve been to these places personally and hope that it’s something useful coming from a person who likes to travel.

Lastly, if you go here on travel you may quickly find the relaxing lifestyle very convenient for veterans living in Florida and you may want to move to Florida so be careful!


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