Wife to an Honorable Soldier

The following essay was submitted by Sara Colqui via our Facebook Essay Challenge where we invited our Facebook Friends to submit a short essay sharing “What is your best experience in (or with) the Military?”

Wife to an Honorable Soldier

My husband joined the Utah National Guard when he was seventeen years old, and is a soldier through and through. I met him when he was twenty-one and was okay with his devotion to the military; actually it was quite attractive to me.  He was deployed to Iraq after we had been married only eight months, and that was the biggest trial of my life. I struggled with feelings of him not loving me anymore, and it took a year after he had been home and a verbal commitment not to re-enlist for me to overcome my issues and have my heart realize he really did love me more than the military.

Once I had overcome my issues from his first deployment, I was a seasoned Army wife (and he did re-enlist). Now leads to my best experience with the military. In 2006, David had the opportunity to volunteer to go to Iraq again. He yearned to go and serve his country, and I was okay with that. Our first son was only seven months old when we decided, together, that he would volunteer to leave to Iraq the following May in 2007.

Over the years, I have grown to love my country. I love the values it was founded upon and I love the freedoms I so naively enjoy. I love that our country has the ability to help those who have lived oppressed lives under a tyrant government. Most of all I love that I can stand beside and behind a truly honorable soldier who wants to fight for our freedoms as well as the freedoms of others.

I don’t feel I could be a soldier, but I know I can be a soldier’s wife! I can be his support when life during war gets dark and grim. I can show my love and support for this country by standing beside and behind my soldier. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to support my husband as he serves as an American Soldier.

Being a wife to an honorable soldier who wants to volunteer for deployment is my best experience with the military.

by Sara Colqui

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