America is THE Beautiful but WAKE UP!

I have always been proud to be an American but seriously the past couple of weeks have really hit a soft spot and I have got to tell you that at times I wonder what in the world is wrong with this country and more importantly those that are making and enforcing our laws. The video that I am sharing in this blog post is of a group of 4-5 yr old pre-school children performing for their parents.  As I filmed this video I found myself conflicted.  I had a strong feeling of pride as a parent and also as an American living in a great country where we are free to worship how we want and to wear what we want.  At this same time, I felt a bit sick to my stomach as I realized I was hearing this at a private school, not a public school!  Do you think our kids can sing a song with the words AMERICA and GOD in it?  There is no way.

In the past week alone on the news I have seen of kids getting kicked out of school for wearing old navy shirts with the American Flag on them.  I have heard of kids of other races, yet still living here and claiming to be American, being allowed to wear shirts with a flag of another country.  I don’t have any issue with diversity and I think others should be able to wear flags from countries of their roots and nationalities, however, why the double standard?  It is absolute garbage and in my option one of the major reasons this country is losing its luster!  How about a recent news story where the ACLU is suing the Federal Government for allowing a white cross to be in a national desert?  Here is what the ACLU says… “Contrary to what some believe,” said Peter Eliasberg, staff attorney at the ACLU of Southern California and First Amendment specialist, “it is not the role of the federal government to advance Christianity or any other sectarian belief. Americans are perfectly competent to make such decisions for themselves without government interference.” I have to wonder if they would have sued or tried to pull down a monument of the Menorah or perhaps something representing Islam?  I bet they would not have.  Again I am all for religious freedom and freedom of speech, but this double standard in our country is utterly ridiculous. People need to also realize that they have the RIGHT TO NOT GET OFFENDED SO EASILY.  Political correctness is destroying this Nation that so many are fighting for, have fought for and hopefully will continue to fight for. Feels good to get this off my chest!

3 thoughts on “America is THE Beautiful but WAKE UP!

  1. Great article, I am sure this is going to cause some conflict but hey making people think a bit is a good thing. I love this blog!

  2. This is a great video. This must have been filmed some where in the U.S. with no culturally diversity. I saw one minority and a cute red head that looked like they did now know the actions to the music. They must have just moved her from somewhere else.

  3. @Jose Gonzales – Sir with all do respect, if we were to go to a country like China, or even mexico, how many Caucasian children would there be? This video hit a point with me that we as Americans should and need more freedoms in our schools. And that is exactly the point that it was trying to make. So don’t make gross generalizations about cultural diversity. Assuming things will only make you look stupid.

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