Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your 4th of July

Low VA Rates Low VA Rates / Published Jun 27, 2018, 2:50 PM


Happy Fourth of July

Independence Day can be so much fun, but it can also be so much work and so much money. Just like any holiday, the Fourth of July can be blown into a gigantic party of epic proportion. While everyone likes to celebrate Independence Day in their own way, and I know we all have our own traditions, sometimes we can go overboard. The night usually ends up consisting of expensive fireworks and once a year stadium shows with over-priced tickets, concessions, and restaurants because no one wants to do the dishes.

Happy 4th of July

Well, Low VA Rates is here to do what we do best: help you save money! Not only can we help you save your hard-earned cash on your loan, we can help you save on your holiday celebrations. Don't worry, these ideas are still a ton of fun!


We've put together a video of 11 free (or almost free) ways you can save money this Fourth of July. Plus they are all firework-free—just in case! (Read our full post on Firework-Free Fourth of July Fun!) These are all tried and true ways you can show off both your patriotic side as well as your frugal side, and no one needs to ever know.


So go ahead and watch our video. Then tell us in the comments below which idea was your favorite, and any other ideas you have to save money this July. We'd also love to know if we missed any great ideas—we want to have fun too!


Finally, while we are all out having fun this Independence Day, let’s not forget what we are celebrating. Find some time to thank our veteran heroes for the sacrifices they make for us and everything that they do for the protection of our freedom and safety, as well as the freedom of families worldwide!

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