A Celebration to Honor America’s Heroes

As we reflect on our heroes this time of year, there are some facts that we simply cannot ignore.  Perhaps most important for us to remember is the fact that our freedom comes at a price.  Thousands of our soldiers and veterans have given their time, energy, and loyalty to fight for our freedom.  They are the ones who paid the biggest portion of that price.

Veterans Day Infographic and Facts


You see, that price wasn’t just paid in tax dollars.

Some of our soldiers and veterans paid for it with their health.  Not only do our soldiers face the risk of physical injury for their service, but they also risk their own mental and emotional health.  Do you know how many of our veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?  Do you understand the kind of stress and heartache they endure because of PTSD?  Do you know how it affects them and their families every day?

Some of them paid for it with their lives. Each time their service is needed, some of these men and women will answer their call to duty and never return.  Do you know how many of our Americans didn’t return from overseas this year?  Do you understand the reason they’re not returning was because they sacrificed their own lives so you could keep living yours?  Do you truly appreciate that sacrifice?

And finally, remember the others who have paid a high price: the family, friends, and loved ones of these veterans have felt the burden of this cost as well.  Remember that they have sustained wounds as well.  Remember that they have sacrificed as well.  Remember to thank and appreciate them this holiday as well.

How will you celebrate these heroes on Veterans Day?  You can learn a little more about our soldiers to more fully appreciate their sacrifice with the infographic here, or even visit one of the listed links to show support.

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