A Brief History of the Hand Grenade

The Hand Grenade, one of the most well-known weapons in all of history. The grenade since its birth has been a symbol of power, danger, and heroism. Songwriters like Bruno Mars express their love in lyrics like “I’ll catch a grenade for you”. Cartoon cats try to catch their mouse by throwing Grenades over fences. Many old war posters use the grenade as the symbol of their petition. Why? Grenades are Powerful, If you catch one, you could die-our beloved Bruno uses this well-known fact as a metaphor to sing about how he would die for his girl. World War one and two’s propagandists used the hand grenade to show our country’s power, with this knowledge of power, they hoped to unify the country! Cartoonists use grenades for the irony of comparing a powerful grenade explosion to an unfazed mouse- it’s Ironic! And in the cartoon business, Irony means funny in many cases.

But even with all these references to hand grenades, how much do we really know? Famously grenades look like walnuts with a pin you pull and throw over a barricade, at least that’s what we always see in cartoons. But in reality that is only one of many grenade types and, in fact, it is extremely outdated. The famous walnut-shaped grenade was created by William Mills back in 1915 and used during World War One. That was about 100 years ago! That definitely leaves us plenty of time for technology to improve and functionality to increase. We now have a grenade for every purpose

We now have a grenade for almost every purpose you could think of and the coolest part in my opinion is the plethora of non-lethal grenades. There are still the lethal Grenades, for obvious reasons, but it’s very cool to see how far our technology has come to be able to simply throw a smoke grenade to disorient the enemy with our taking lives. Our Military is incredible and the tools they use never cease to amaze me!

Here in this Infographic below, are many different kinds of grenades of many different shapes and sizes.


I thought this might be of interest to all our readers and it is kind of fun as well.  You can read the text a little better if you view the full-size image here: The History of the Hand Grenade, or click the image below.

The History of the Hand Grenade

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