5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Realtor

If you are purchasing a home here are 5 proven ways to get what you want in a home purchase and to how to get the most from your realtor.

Shop around:

It is just fine to shop around for a realtor. It’s your money and you should know whom you are hiring to help you with such a large financial investment. Be sure to have several thoroughly thought out questions for them to answer. Some of these should include: “Do you have negotiable fees?” “What is your strategy for the selling of my home?” “How large is your client base?” “What can you tell me about a location in regards to where I want to purchase?”

Make a List:

Know exactly what it is you are looking for in a home. If you don’t do your research on location, schools, property values, and what you want in a home then you won’t know what the best deal for your money is. Make a wish list of what you want. Start with the location and what is most important to your situation. Present the written list to your realtor at your first meeting. This will help you and your realtor be on the same page and help you get exactly what you want in a home.

Bring them in on the resell:

You’ve done your research and have found the realtor that you trust most and one who will meet your needs. Bring them in on the resell of your current home. Chances are they will have many other buyers they are working with already interested in the type of home you are offering, and working with your existing realtor can ensure a smooth transaction for all involved.

Ask for offer templates:

After discussing price with your realtor on what you would like to purchase, ask them to write-up a few offer templates for you. These allow you more options to choose from.

More mileage on your “for sale” sign:

Don’t take a back seat to your sell. Be involved in the kind of traffic coming to your home in the resell process. Work with your realtor on what kinds of ads and signs are being offered to you. Ensure that all advertisements and signs are done with eye-catching colors and phrases. Be involved in the plan to sell your house and regular check-in to see what your realtor has new to offer you.

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