5 of the Best Benefits for VA Loans

There are many reasons why if you qualify you should get a VA loan. Here is a quick list of the best benefits for getting a VA loan for your home.


  1. No money down required. That’s great news if you are looking for a home because often saving up for a down payment can take years and by renting you will lose money during those years you wait to buy the right home.
  2. Regulations on fees. This means the government has placed a cap on the fees submitted by a lender and you won’t be paying as much out of pocket, unlike other loans.
  3. The government is backing your loan. They are the lender and able to work with you on what you can pay. This means that you don’t have a private lender and again fees that you pay along with interest rates are regulated to be reasonable.
  4. Resale allows the loan transfer. The VA allows for transferring of the loan to another buyer that wouldn’t otherwise be eligible for a VA loan. This is very attractive to potential buyers and could help you resell faster.
  5. Less stringent underwriting standards. About 80% of VA loan qualifiers wouldn’t qualify for a conventional loan otherwise and wouldn’t be able to afford a home. The VA loan provides an easier way to qualify and purchase a home with affordable interest rates and payments.


To see if you may qualify for a VA loan click here

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