10 Free Unknown Military Benefits

To serve one’s country demands a sacrifice for which no gift seems sufficient enough reward.

The men and women of our armed services do enjoy certain perks, however, most notably the GI Bill, The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program, and the Veteran Pension and Life Insurance Service. But the perks of service hardly end there. Many veterans and or active duty military personnel would be surprised to learn of the varied and substantial array of benefits, discounts, and non-profit organizations that exist to honor those who serve. The following is a sampling of some of the most interesting.

1. Free Security Alarms for military

Protect Our Troops is an  Organization that installs wireless, two-way voice security systems and provides 24hr monitoring for active duty service persons. With many soldiers stationed in areas requiring communication blackouts or reception issues (as in the mountainous highlands of Afghanistan) knowing their spouses, children and property back home is being monitored can be a great comfort.


2. Free Credit Repair Assistance –

www.vacreditsolutions.com Credit Reporting is perhaps the only American institution where you are guilty until proven innocent. Statistics suggest that as much as 70% of all credit reports have errors on them, and as many as 25% contain errors serious enough that would preclude an otherwise qualified borrower from access to credit they deserve. Many veterans are unaware that the burden of contesting this information not only rests on them but that most companies advertising credit repair operate illegally. VA Credit Solutions is a free service designed to assist veterans and active duty military personnel with self-directed credit repair.


3. Free Concerts & Sporting Events –

http://www.vettix.org/aboutus.php The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a non-profit distribution entity that collects donations of tickets from individuals, corporations, celebrities, and professional sports teams. These tickets are then distributed to veterans with service-connected disabilities and active duty servicepersons.


4. Private Disney World Resort –

http://www.shadesofgreen.org – Shades of Greens is a special resort situated on the Walt Disney World property reserved exclusively for veterans, active duty servicepersons, and their families. In addition to substantial discounts on basic lodging, meal plans and transportation to and from the park, guests of the resort are treated to special activities that honor their military service.


5. Free Admission to Theme Parks –

On select days and seasons, veterans and active duty military personnel gain free admission to a host of top tier amusement parks and attractions, including (but not limited to) Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Knotts Berry Farm and many others.


6. Free Meals –

Veterans Day is a time for remembering the contribution and sacrifice of those Americans who have served and continue to serve our nation. It’s also a day that, should a vet or active duty soldier find themselves hungry, that a host of popular restaurant chains including Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Krispy Kreme will provide free meals in their honor.


7. Free Plastic Surgery –

http://www.capsmi.com/newsEvents/index.html As part of their self-styled “Veteran’s Project” The Center For Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids Michigan aims to assist veterans with service-connected disabilities by providing them with free reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries to help ease the psychological and physical scars of wartime violence.


8. Tax-Free Plus Discounted Construction & Building Materials –

Lowe’s Home Improvement http://guardianofvalor.com/lowes-and-home-depot-military-and-veteran-discounts-explained/ & The Home Depot 10% Discounts on purchases up to $5000 with both Lowes Home Improvement and The Home Depot on select days throughout the year, most notably on Veteran’s Day Weekend.


9. Free Wedding Gowns for Military Brides –

Viva Amore Boutique – dresses-for-military-brides/ For those engaged women either serving in the military or preparing to marry an active-duty soldier, this boutique helps young deserving couples celebrates one of the most important days of their lives in style with a price that’s hard to beat – Free.


10. Free Personalized Military Doll for Children of Deployed Soldiers –

Operation Military Kids. This non-profit organization focuses on the war at home fought by the families of deployed soldiers in the absence of their loved ones. OMK provides personalized dolls with real pictures of their parents representing the faces.


7 thoughts on “10 Free Unknown Military Benefits

  1. Wow, thank you very much for listing us!! I just wanted to add in that, we give out tickets to ALL Veterans, not just service related disabled ones.

    Once again, thank you and we are honored that you added us to your site!!

  2. Hi, I just received 70% of my benefits. I wanted to know about many of the benefits available for this %?
    My American Legion rep tells me I am entitled to $5.00 car tags. I also would like to know if there
    are any discounted county taxes on home ownership that I can receive. Need some basic info as to
    what this percentage can save me. Also I am collecting SS, (over 65), can I still get SS disability added
    to this? Thank you so much. Barbara

  3. We are a broker ourselves so we do not. If all else fails have them get in touch with us and we can at least assist them. Thanks

  4. Is there any free things that my Mom can get, her and my Dad was divorced and he was a veteran and is deceased.
    They were married over 50 years and divorced and neither one ever remarried, thanks

  5. Shirley, go talk to a local VA or something. As my SGTs say, if you heard it on the internet it’s probably not true.

  6. Iam a veteran (ptsd, major depression, personality disorder/borderline traits.) 100% t/p disabled.Iam married &I have serious credit problems, serious, c/p.please help.me repair it. I would like to purchase a home for my wife and grans and learn to handle my d/cproductively.lets go Iam ready.

  7. James,

    Thank you for your sacrifices and example. Even with your struggles you still want to provide for you family. We commend you. We would love a chance to get started with you and would invite you to call us at (866) 569-8272 or visit our get started page for more information: http://www.lowvarates.com/get-started-now/. We will also reach out to you through email. We look forward to getting you into that house that you deserve.

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