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Global Service Trips

In 2018, employees from Low VA Rates went on our first ever global service trip to Guatemala. Organized by Globe Aware, it was such a life-changing experience that it is now something we have committed to do annually.

Making the World a Better Place

At Low VA Rates, most of our employees are driven by service. If you ask any of them what they love most about their job, nearly all of them will mention that they enjoy giving back to our veterans.

In 2017, we realized that, in addition to serving our veterans here in the United States, we had the means and the opportunity to expand that service globally. When looking for an organization to work with, we chose Globe Aware because they have the people we'd be serving to choose what help they needed most. To us, that seemed like the most successful and sustainable model of helping a community thrive.

Each trip we've taken has left an incredible impact on every one of our employees involved, and we are excited to continue planning for future trips all over the globe.

September 2019

Peru Service Trip

Employees from Low VA Rates traveled to Cuzco, Peru, in the fall of 2019 to volunteer at a school that housed and educated girls from nearby villages.

While there, our employees were able to help the school become more self-sufficient by building a greenhouse and a guinea pig shelter. These buildings would allow the school to provide fresh, healthy food, as well as additional income, for the girls year-round.

September 2018

Guatemala Service Trip

The week our employees spent immersing themselves in the Guatemalan culture and working side-by-side with the people was something none of them will never forget.

As part of their service, our employees poured cement floors for four different families to help protect their children from parasites. Additionally, they helped with a jungle reforestation project, spruced up a women's shelter, and played with local children while teaching them English.

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