Follow the Flag

Sponsoring Our Nation's Biggest Display of Patriotism

Since 2016, Low VA Rates has helped promote the Follow the Flag event held annually in Pleasant Grove, UT. Centered around the Fourth of July and the days leading up to it, this event culminates in a flag-hanging ceremony of Big Betsy, the largest free-flying American flag.

Each year that we've been involved with Follow the Flag, Low VA Rates has sponsored the spotlight that keeps the flag lit while it hangs at the mouth of Grove Creek Canyon. Because the spotlight can be seen from 50 miles away, people throughout the Utah Valley can see and honor this symbol of our nation's freedom.

In addition to our spotlight sponsorship, we have helped spread the word through our social media channels about the Follow the Flag event, along with their other missions, including helping gather state flags to fly with Big Betsy.


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