VA Jumbo Loans for Purchasing Mortgage

For generations, one of the most profound symbols of the American Dream has been home ownership. Unfortunately, that dream is getting more and more difficult to achieve.

With poor economic conditions and the crash of the housing market, many people are simply unable to purchase a home that will meet the needs of their family. It’s no mystery, then, why the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is constantly working to help make the VA loan program more beneficial to veterans. It’s very important that our nation’s heroes are able to find suitable housing that will serve them and their families well, and that’s why the VA guarantees loans up to $1,000,000 for veterans to purchase homes at reduced rates.

Using the VA Jumbo Loan option through Low VA Rates can open the door to getting not only a home that you can afford, but also a home that is exactly what you’re looking for. Low VA Rates is proud to be the nation’s premier VA Jumbo Mortgage Lender, and show our pride by constantly working to make our process even easier for veterans. We have highly-qualified lenders that have been closing on VA loans for years and are passionate about giving back to the heroes that offered everything to our country.

You can contact us directly using the form on the right, and we will help you understand everything you need to know about the VA loan process. Alternatively, you can read information about purchasing a home with a VA loan, or follow some of the links below to read up on other aspects of the VA loan process.

VA vs. Conventional Loans

What makes the VA loan program such a great benefit to veterans? Everything from easier approval to better interest rates to more flexible options to great refinance programs makes the VA loan program stand out from conventional loans. Read more about what makes the VA loan program a better choice for veterans.

VA Home Purchase Guide

If you’re a first time buyer, you likely have a great deal of questions about the home-purchasing process, especially in regards to VA loans. There are some important differences between the VA loan process and the conventional loan process. Find out what those differences are and everything else you need to know about the VA Home Purchase process.

VA Home Buyers Guide

What should you look for in a home? What should you watch out for? How can you know when you’ve found the right home? The only way to make sure you make the best home-buying decision is to arm yourself with all of the right information. You can download a copy of the VA Home Buyers Guide right now for free to help you find the right home for you.

VA Answers Page

If you still have VA Loan questions visit our answer page.

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