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VA Debt Payoff Calculator

Low VA Rates is proud to share our proprietary VA Debt Payoff Calculator. For years the VA streamline refinance loan has been primarily used by veterans to do nothing more than to take advantage of lower VA interest rates.

Veterans cannot get cash out or do debt consolidation with the VA streamline loan. Our approved VA loan officers however, have a unique approach to training and educating veterans how they can greatly reduce and eventually eliminate debt with the help of the VA streamline loan.

The calculator below is a quick and basic example of how a veteran can payoff tens of thousands of dollars in debt by doing a VA streamline. The VA Debt Payoff Calculator allows a veteran to enter his/her current loan info such as term or length of loan, interest rate, balance and monthly payment. Once the veteran inputs this information they are also asked to enter the total amount of credit card debt they have along with what they pay on that debt each month. Once all the information is put into the calculator the veteran can hit "eliminate my debt" and get a glimpse of how an approved VA loan officer at Low VA Rates can help them pay off their credit card debt for thousands of dollars less and in just a few years. Please take a few moments to see how we can help you eliminate your debt!

Step 1 - Current Loan Information

This is where you put the loan you're thinking about refinancing at this time. This information can be found on your note from closing.

Step 2 - Credit Card Information

Please enter in all of your credit card balances. Once finished, enter your total monthly payments. Then, simply press "Eliminate My Debt" to see what you could be saving!

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