Benefits of North Carolina VA Loans for Veterans

If you are a veteran or active duty service member and a resident of the state of North Carolina, the first step is to determine if you are eligible for VA home loan benefits. To determine your eligibility please click on the map below. If you have served in the military and received an honorable discharge, you will likely be eligible to buy a home using your VA loan benefits.


North Carolina veterans can take advantage of no-money-down loans or 100% financing and may be eligible for special benefits ranging from:

  • Property Tax Relief (for disabled veterans)
  • Debt Counseling Services
  • Special VA Debt Consolidation Loan Options
  • Energy Efficient Improvement Loan Options

Already own a home and need to refinance?

If you are a North Carolina veteran homeowner, can help you save money whether you are currently in a VA loan or not. North Carolina veterans that currently have a VA home loan are eligible for a VA streamline refinance. If you live in North Carolina but don't have a VA loan, our VA loan specialists may be able to help you refinance into a new VA mortgage.  LowVARates can also help you determine the North Carolina VA loan limits too.

Other North Carolina VA loan information that you may find useful.

Statistics show that few Veterans in North Carolina have taken full advantage of the VA programs and benefits made available to them. Some of the benefits available to veterans in North Carolina include:

  • North Carolina veterans can finance the VA funding fee on both purchase and refinance loans. The VA Funding fee helps to fund the Veteran's Affairs Home Loan Guarantee program, without which many veterans throughout the country would be unable to realize the dream of homeownership. However, North Carolina veterans have the ability to finance this fee, or (in some cases) have it waived altogether.

  • If you are a veteran living in or moving to North Carolina, then you can borrow up to the full amount of your home's value. Unlike most loan options available to non-veterans, North Carolina veterans are able to borrow more than the full purchase price of the home and can refinance up to the entire home's appraised value.

  • North Carolina veterans are protected by loan guidelines that restrict the kinds of fees that can be assesed to them on a home loan. The non -allowable fees include: Underwriting fees, document prep fees, processing fees, escrow or admin fees. Call a lowvarates representative today to deterimine the full list of fees from which you may be exempt.

Military Bases in North Carolina

  • Pope Air Force Base - Fayetteville, NC
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base - Boldsboro, NC
  • Camp Lejeune Marine Base - Jacksonville, NC
  • Cherry Point Air Station - Havelock, NC
  • New River Air Station - Jacksonville, NC
  • Cherry Point Naval Air Depot - Havelock, NC

North Carolina Residents Save


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*Based on an average lunch price of $8.08

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