Benefits of Nebraska VA Loans for Veterans.

Veterans and Service Members, you’ve earned your VA eligibility- apply for your VA Loan today and become a homeowner in the beautiful State of Nebraska! Nebraska State loves its Veterans and offers generous Financial Benefits, Employment Benefits, Education Benefits, Recreation and Other Benefits to its Veterans and Service Members. Call the beautiful State of Nebraska your home today!

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Financial Benefits

Does the State of Nebraska offer a Homestead Exemption for Veterans?

Yes. A Veteran who is receiving compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for a service-connected disability rated at 100% or a paraplegic Veteran or multiple amputee Veteran whose home is substantially contributed to by the Department of Veterans Affairs is eligible for a full exemption on a homestead they own and occupy January 1 through August 15, regardless of their income level or the value of the homestead. Wartime Veterans who are totally disabled by a nonservice-connected illness or accident are eligible for a Homestead Exemption if they have a qualifying household income. Unremarried widows of eligible Veterans are also eligible for the Homestead Exemption. To apply, complete the Nebraska Homestead Exemption Form 458 and submit at your local county assessor office after February 1 and by June 30th .

Does the State of Nebraska offer State Tax Benefits to Veterans?

Yes. As of tax year 2015, service members who retire after July 18, 2014 may make a one-time election to exclude a portion of their retirement income from state taxes. One of two elections are available:

  • 40% of their military retirement income may be excluded for seven (7) consecutive years, starting in the year the election was made; OR
  • 15% of their military retirement income may be excluded for all taxable years beginning with the year the service member turns 67 years of age.

Election must be made within two years after the date of retirement. Once an election is made, it can not be changed. All income after the 40% election or before the 15% election is fully taxed.

What is the Disabled Veteran Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption offered in the State of Nebraska?

Disabled or blind Veterans of the United States Armed Forces are eligible to receive a Disabled Veteran Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption in the State of Nebraska on one motor vehicle used and owned by the blind or disable Veteran for their personal transportation. For purposes of this exemption, disabled is defined as a Veteran who has lost the use of or has had two or more extremities amputated, or has had one extremity amputated and lost the use of one or more extremities. Blind is defined as a Veteran whose eyesight is impaired to the point it seriously limited their ability to engage in the ordinary activities and vocations of life. Disability and blindness must be recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veteran must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible. For more information and to apply, contact your local Nebraska County Treasurers office.

What is the Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund in the State of Nebraska?

Established in 1921, the Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund provides temporary emergency assistance to Veterans, their spouses and dependents when other sources are not immediately available. Aid can only be used for food, shelter, fuel, clothing, funeral, medical and surgical items. To be eligible, Veteran must have served in active duty with the United States Armed Forces and was either honorably discharged or died while in service as a result of such service or as a citizen of the United States, served with the military force of a government allied with the United States during an eligible period. For more information and to make application, contact your local County Veterans Service Office.

Employment Benefits

Does the State of Nebraska offer a Civil Service Preference for Veterans applying for State Employment?

Yes. Veterans who obtain a passing score on all phases of an examination or numerical scoring shall have an additional 5 percent added to their score. Disabled Veterans shall have an additional 10 percent added to their passing score. If a an examination or numerical scoring is not used, preference shall be given to a qualified Veteran when two or more equally qualified candidates are considered for a position. A disabled Veteran shall have priority over a non-disabled Veteran. Spouses of Veterans who are permanently and totally disabled may also receive a preference.

To be eligible, a Veteran must submit their DD214 Form or other military documentation showing an honorable discharge and a minimum of 180 days service, unless the Veteran was discharged for a service-connected disability. Disabled Veterans must include a copy of a disability award letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive the Disabled Veterans preference. A marriage certificate be provided if the applicant is the spouse of a disabled Veteran.

To see current job openings, visit the Nebraska State Jobs website.

What Employment and Training Assistance does the State of Nebraska offer Veterans?

There are numerous One-Stop Career Centers throughout the State of Nebraska. Every Career Center includes a Local Veteran’s Employment Representative (LVER) and Disabled Veterans’ Outreach program (DVOP) specialists. Eligible Veterans and their eligible spouses seeking employment assistance will be provided access to training, referrals, career counseling, job listings and referrals and referrals to outer supportive and training resources available to Veterans. To find the employment center nearest you, contact your local County Veterans Service Office.

Are there any other resources available to aid Veterans seeking Employment?

Yes. Visit the Veterans Career One Stop and Nebraska Ticket to Work websites for additional resources and helpful links specifically for Veterans seeking employment.

Education Benefits

Does the State of Nebraska offer Education Benefits to Dependents or Survivors of Veterans?

Yes. The State of Nebraska has a Waiver of Tuition Program available to spouses and children of eligible Veterans. This program authorizes a waiver to cover 100% of tuition and tuition-related fees at University of Nebraska campuses, state colleges and community colleges and is good for ONE degree, diploma or certificate from a community college and ONE baccalaureate degree from a university or state college. If a degree, diploma or certificate is pursued, it must precede receipt of a baccalaureate degree. Master’s, doctoral or professional degrees are not covered under this program.

See the Nebraska Waiver of Tuition School Contacts for contact information for the following approved institutions participating in the Waiver of Tuition Program:

  • University of Nebraska
  • Chadron State College
  • Peru State College
  • Wayne State College
  • Central Community College
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • MidPlains Community College
  • Northeast Community College
  • Wester Nebraska Community College

An eligible Veteran must be:

  • permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service; or
  • deceased as a result as a service-connected disability; or
  • deceased after discharge as a result of injury or illness sustained while a member of the armed forces; or
  • classified as missing in action or a prisoner of war during armed hostilities while a member of the armed forces.

A dependent child’s is eligible for this program until the age of 26. However, if the dependent child served on active duty after their 18th birthday and before their 26th birthday, their eligibility will end 5 years after their first discharge from active duty, or their 31st birthday- whichever is sooner.

Dependents must meet the Nebraska residency standards for in-state tuition to be eligible for the Waiver Tuition Program. To apply, contact your local Veterans Service Office to submit an application. You will need the following documents:

  • 1- Veteran’s Discharge Certificate
  • 2- Certified Birth Certificate on file with Vital Statistics for Dependent Child

If Veteran’s name is not listed on the document, other legal documents from the court may be used to prove relationship such as adoption papers, child support order, divorce decree, etc.

  • 3- Copy of Marriage Certificate on file with Vital Statistics
  • If dependent is spouse, document is needed to prove marriage to Veteran.
  • If dependent is step-child, document needed to prove the parent and Veteran’s marriage.
  • If dependent is child and is married, document is needed to prove name change.

Does the State of Nebraska offer In-State tuition for Veterans?

Yes. Veterans, their spouses and dependents may qualify as a resident for tuition purposes if the following eligibility criteria are met:

  • Veteran was discharged from a period of at least 90 days active military service before the date of initial enrollment,
  • The Veteran, Spouse or Child (if voting age) are registered to vote and demonstrate objective evidence of intent for residency in Nebraska,
  • Spouses or dependents of eligible Veterans, or recipient entitled to education assistance from Veteran.

What is Operation Recognition offered by the State of Nebraska Veterans?

Operation Recognition is a joint effort between the Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs that awards Honorary High School Diplomas to Veterans who left school to serve their country during the Korean War and World War II without earning a High School Diploma. To be eligible, a Veterans must have an honorable discharge, qualifying date of active service of September 16, 1940- to December 31, 1946 during World War II or June 25, 1950 to January 31, 1955 during the Korean War. Former Nebraska residents living out of state are eligible to apply.

To apply, complete an Operation Recognition Application and submit, along with a copy of the Veteran’s discharge papers to:

Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs

ATTN: Operation Recognition
P.O. Box 95083
Lincoln, NE 68509

What is the Reservist Tuition Credit Program?

Nebraska residents enlisted in the Nebraska-based unit of the Active Selected Reserve are eligible for a 50% tuition credit at University of Nebraska campuses, Nebraska state colleges and Nebraska community colleges. The program allows for 200 applicants every calendar year. For an application and to apply, visit the Nebraska Reservist Tuition Credit Program website.

License Plates

The State of Nebraska offers the following license plates to Veterans and their families:

  • Military Honor License Plate
  • Purple Heart License Plate
  • Ex-Prisoner of War License Plate
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Disabled Veteran License Plate
  • Gold Star Family License Plate

To apply, complete the Nebraska Military & Veterans' Registry Application online with the State of Nebraska to prove your Veteran status and then visit your local Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office with proper identification and documentation of your Veteran entitlement. Visit the Nebraska DMV County Location website to find the DMV nearest you.

Military Exemption of Driver’s License

A driver’s license that was valid on or after August 27, 1971 of an active duty Service Member who is a resident of the State of Nebraska and stationed outside of Nebraska shall remain valid while service member is on active duty and 60 days following discharge or their return to Nebraska, whichever is later. Family members are eligible for an Exemption of Driver’s License if the service member holds a valid Nebraska License. Contact your local Nebraska DMV County Office for more information and to receive a Form 07-08, which is a small card that attaches to the driver’s license.

Veterans Designation of Driver’s Licenses

Honorably discharged Veterans may receive a Veterans Designation on their Nebraska drivers license, commercial driver license or ID card. To apply, Veteran must first complete a Nebraska Military & Veterans' Registry Application. Once a Veteran is registered, they may apply for a Veterans designation at any Nebraska DMV County Office. There is no additional fee to add a Veterans designation on a license.

Hunting and Fishing License

Active-Duty Military Resident Permits: Soldiers on active duty stationed in Nebraska may purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate, regardless of residency.

Disabled Veteran Hunting and Fishing License: Nebraska resident Veterans with a service-connected disability of 50% or more or a pension from the US Veterans Administration as a result of a permanent, total disability not received in the line of duty, and was discharged under honorable conditions is eligible for a lifetime, fee exempt permit for hunting and fishing in the State of Nebraska.

Veteran Hunting and Fishing License: Nebraska resident Veterans who served on active duty other than basic training and are 64 years of age or older are eligible to receive a Veterans permit for hunting and fishing for an annual fee of $5.00. For more information, visit the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission website.

Military Discharge Record (DD-214)

Veterans may contact the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs (NDVA) by calling (402) 471-2450 or emailing to see if their DD-214 is on file with the State of Nebraska. Discharge orders may also be requested by submitting an online request at the NDVA DD-214 Online Request website or by completing Standard Form-180 and submitting it to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO.

Burial Benefits

There are currently two (2) Veteran Cemeteries located in the State of Nebraska that are open for Veteran Interments, one State Cemetery and one National Cemetery:

Fort McPherson National Cemetery
12004 South Spur 56A
Maxwell, Nebraska 69151
(308) 582-4433

Nebraska Veterans Cemetery at Alliance (NVCA)
2610 CR 57
PO Box 718
Alliance, NE 69301-0718
(308) 763-2958

Eligible Veterans, their spouses and disabled/minor children may be interred in National Cemeteries. The following interment services are provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to eligible Veterans at no charge (a basic internment fee is charged for eligible spouses/dependents):

  • Burial plot or columbarium niche
  • Concrete liner for casket burials
  • Opening and closing of the grave
  • Perpetual care of the gravesite
  • Inscribed gravestone
  • 20 minute committal service
  • Military Honors

To determine eligibility for interment at NVCA, visit their Eligibility Determiniation Request website. To schedule an interment, visit their Request for Interment website.

Veteran Homes

There are four (4) quality Veteran homes located in the State of Nebraska that offer domiciliary care and both intermediate and skilled nursing care. Veterans who served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces, their spouses, surviving spouses and Gold Star parents may be eligible for admission. Contact your local County Veterans Service Office in the county you reside to determine legibility and to make application.

Grand Island Veterans' Home is located in Grand island, Nebraska and has a total of 266 beds, with 44 dedicated and reserved for Alzheimer’s patients. For more information, visit the website listed above or call (308) 385-6252, ext. 452.

Norfolk Veterans' Home is located in Norfolk, Nebraska and has a total of 151 beds, including 30 domiciliary beds, 30 Special Needs beds, 10 Advanced Palliative Care (Hospice) beds, and 81 Skilled Nursing beds. For more information, visit the website listed above or call (402) 370-3330.

Western Nebraska Veterans' Home is located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and has 103 beds with domiciliary care, assisted living care and generally nursing care available. For more information, visit the website listed above or call (308) 632-0300.

Eastern Nebraska Veterans' Home is located in Bellevue, Nebraska on 20 acres near 40th Street and Capehart Road. This new facility has 120 beds and is designed to serve members with assisted living, intermediate care, skilled care and Alzheimer’s care. For more information, visit the website listed above or call (402) 595-2180.

Veteran and Family Support Services

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with the American Red Cross works with Veterans and their families through the Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families outreach program to provide support for deployed service members and their families. Visit the website for more information. The Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs has a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) website that provides helpful information and links to Veterans and their families experiencing PTSD.

Veterans’ Crisis and Suicide Hotlines

A 24-hour Crisis and Suicide hotline is available to provide assistance to Veterans and their families 24 hours every day:

Veterans’ Crisis Hotline: 1-888-920-6333
Veterans’ Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Nebraska Vet Centers

There are two (2) Veteran Centers located in Lincoln and Omaha:

Lincoln Vet Center
3119 O Street, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 476-9736

Omaha Vet Center
3047 S 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 346-6735

Nebraska VA Health Care System

The Omaha VA Medical Center is the main VA Medical Center in Nebraska. There are numerous Community-Based Outpatient Clinics located throughout the state. To find the clinic nearest you, call the number listed below or visit the Nebraska VA Community Clinic Directory website.

Omaha VA Medical Center
4101 Woolworth Avenue
Omaha, NE 68105
(800) 451-5796

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