Why Veterans Should Purchase a New Home

During the time I have worked in the VA loan industry, there have been many Veterans who ask the question, “Why should I purchase a home in 2010/9/etc.?” Some veterans are scared that they won’t get the best deal possible and are waiting for something better to come along.  However, the truth is that 2010 will be the best year historically to make the decision and purchase a home with a VA loan.   You still don’t believe me? Well, two of the big reasons are as follows:

Prices Are As Low as They Will Get

Prices on both new and existing homes have dropped 15-65% in many parts of the country, especially in Florida and California and there has been a slowing in the falling prices. In some parts of the country, people are beginning to see a slight increase in prices from which most experts think that the decline of the housing market has hit rock bottom and is on the rise.  So while shopping for a house in 2010 it will be much easier to find a better deal on something that will probably appreciate more rapidly than ever before.  Making it the best time to buy, but the longer the procrastination the more the market will rise and the harder it will be for Veterans to get the better deal.

Financing for Veterans is Not a Problem

While there have been many changes to getting approved to purchase a home and is nearly impossible on the conventional side of things the VA makes it a lot easier to get approved on a purchase.  As long as your credit is decent you are pretty much approved,  there is no down payment required, and in today’s market most sellers will even offer to pay the closing cost (which otherwise would have to be paid by the borrower).  Here at Low VA Rates we specialize in only VA loans, thus our name! We work fast and we know the easiest and fastest way to get an approval for you in just three weeks to a month. That’s much faster than typical loan approvals!

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