The History of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

The Guantanamo Bay, also known as “Gitmo”, Naval Base has been around for much longer than a lot of people know, and it’s been used for much more than a detention camp.  Guantanamo Bay was actually established in 1898 when the United States took control of Cuba from Spain.  The graphic below shows the timeline and history of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.  We hope you find it interesting!

The Name “Guantanamo Bay”  probably rings a bell right? I mean we’ve all only heard the name in almost every radio talk show, every news program, and every political conversation since the 90’s. Well, believe it or not, Guantanamo Bay has a longer history than most people realize. There have been many uses for it and it has actually been in our possession for over one hundred years. Are you surprised yet? Maybe not, but how much of all this history will you really know? While I am absolutely certain you know most of it already, because of my undying faith in you, let’s take this as an opportunity for a history refresher course, (Without all of the homework, of course). I know I was fairly surprised by some of the facts you will see below and even if you aren’t it will be fun to look over.

Guantanamo Bay has a very intriguing, mysterious, and interesting past, present and future. So what’s next on the Guantanamo Bay Agenda? Well, we will just have to wait and see! But you don’t want to wait to look at the infographic below, It’s information in a fun to look through layout. You are learning while looking at a picture! What’s better than that, really? Wait, don’t answer that question. Just let the graphic speak for itself, after all “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right? Let us know anything else you know about Gitmo, we’d love to learn more!


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History of Guantanamo Bay
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