Spy Gadgets for the Average Joe

Ever dreamed of being James Bond, or Inspector Gadget? Maybe you always wanted to be Ethan Hunt (lead role in the Mission Impossible series), or even the all powerful Bat Man? Well, now you can (almost) make those dreams a reality! With this spy technology that is now becoming civilian accessible, anything is possible! With all of these gadgets, you’re destined for success with your future espionage missions, but maybe start slow by being successful in getting a low VA loan rate, it’s so easy, it’s the perfect  mission for a beginner. Your contact’s number is 866-569-8272 and they go by the code name “Low VA Rates”.

Now you know not to trust pens, watches, and ties, they aren’t always what they seem. You also know how to take videos in small places and change your voice on phone calls. pretty important skills if your shooting to become James Bond. He’s never too careful.

Your first mission- if you choose to accept it- is to read up on all the coolest spy tech available to the general public. We made it easy for you by providing a very informational Infographic that lists just some of the awesome Spy Technolgy that is on the market to date. This is vital to your future spy career, so don’t Pretend to read it, we’ll know, we’ll always know… (okay, no, we probably won’t) You have to know what’s available to everyone so you know how to prepare for any occasion. Just be sure to read quickly, this blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

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Spy Technology for the Average Joe


Just kidding, It’s not set to self-destruct, but I did have you going there for a second didn’t I? No, I guess I didn’t, well go back and enjoy the post anyway. I hope you think this technology is as cool as we do! Who knows you may just be the next Bat Man! Or the first Bat Man, it all depends on how you look at it.

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2 thoughts on “Spy Gadgets for the Average Joe

  1. Thats great stuff you written up here. Have been hunting for this everywhere. Great blog

  2. My favorite is the mobile phone voice changer. Using this, you can make fun with your friends without knowing who you are.

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