Remember Independence Day

After the 4th of July, Don’t Forget to Celebrate Independence


Remembering the Fourth

The 4th of July is America’s birthday, and the day we look back and remember all the difficulties and trials our ancestors went through to ensure our freedom. People from all over the political spectrum come together to celebrate our independence and freedom. Now that the 4th of July has passed, it becomes very easy to slip back into our bad habits of getting caught up in our differences and forgetting our similarities. The truth is that we should take the spirit of Independence day with us all year round. Shooting off fireworks and barbecuing with friends and family is great, to be sure, but we should make a special effort to do our forefathers justice.


Actively Learn About our Country

Read the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence once per month to strongly familiarize yourself with the things contained in them. Watch some documentaries about American history and US presidents, and learn more about how our country got to where it is today. In addition to that, stay current with political affairs and keep track of your representation, both in your state capitol and in Washington, D.C. Be an informed voter, and know where you stand on key issues and know why you stand there. Don’t be afraid to engage in some political philosophy and question your own stances.


Follow the US Military’s Social Media Channels

American Social MediaIf you’re a fan of cool technology, inspirational stories, and exciting events, then following the social media channels of the branches of the US military can be a fun way to keep your patriotic feelings up. Keeping apprised of updates to the military can also contribute to the paragraph above, as it helps you learn about what our country is doing both at home and on the world stage. If you disapprove of what the Military is doing, you can use social media to promote a better way of doing things. We all love this great nation and want it to go the best direction possible. You can help do this by following the branches of the US military and sharing their updates along with your opinion.


Get Involved with Local and State Government

You’d be surprised how helpful you can be as a volunteer in your local community. Working with your city or county government on a volunteer or even a paid basis can be a great way to build your appreciation for your community and increase your understanding of what government does (and whether you personally believe it should continue to do so). Most importantly, service builds a strong sense of pride and loyalty. When you help make something great, you feel more loyal and proud of it than if you just stood by and watched. By getting involved with local and state government, you can make the difference you used to hope others would make, and you never know, maybe you’ll find a new career path!


Make a List of Our Nation’s Symbols

There are a lot of symbols used in our nation. Our currency is chock full of them, the American Flag, the Statue of Liberty, and many others are out there. If you make a list of our Nation’s symbols and then go through the effort of learning what they all mean and how they work with each other, you’ll definitely gain a finer appreciation and understanding for the founding fathers and our heritage.


Perform Service for Other CountriesGet Involved in the Community

Visiting places that have less freedom than us and serving them can be a very eye-opening experience. Having spoken with many veterans about the most meaningful times in their military service, I can attest that those who spent time in humanitarian efforts usually cite them as being the most powerful experience, and one that strengthened their appreciation for the country they live in. This may only be an option for some people, but for those who are able, this can be a fantastic way to serve others and keep the spirit of patriotism alive in yourself and those around you all year round.


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