Amazing Military Homecomings that Will Melt Your Heart

Because we have such a mighty respect for the men and women that serve our country, we feel one of the best rewards they can receive is to be reunited with their families. In celebration of these beautiful crystal moments, we’ve decided to compile a gallery of some of the greatest military homecomings ever captured on video – grab a tissue and enjoy!

1. One Happy Hannah:
Although there are many touching homecoming videos online, this has to be one of our absolute favorites. Just watch as little Hannah is surprised in her classroom by her father returning from Iraq. There is something unspeakably powerful about her speechless response to this long-awaited reunion.

2. School ‘Waterworks’ Assembly:
When a “welcome home Sgt. Hebert” sign popped up during her school assembly, you can see the utter confusion on Adrienne Hebert’s face – after all, her dad had been away for months in Afghanistan. With cameras rolling, she is clearly overcome with joy and, as you’ll witness, the reunion is pure waterworks.

3. Walking Home:
Speaking of waterworks, tears will certainly flow when you see this touching homecoming between a U.S. Marine and his disabled son. Born with cerebral palsy and told he would never walk, watch as this brave little boy reunites with his long-lost father by walking to him for the first time.

4. A Christmas Wish I:
While the rest of her classmates asked for toys for Christmas, Bethany Arnold simply asked for her dad to come home from Iraq. As she puts it, “I’ve never wanted anything more than that.” Well, as hard as that wish might be for Santa to grant, he has been known to perform Christmas miracles.

5. A Christmas Wish II:
If you’ve got a shriveled heart like the likes of the Grinch or Scrooge, be prepared to have your hard heart softened. Three-year-old Kensley Penney only wanted her “daddy” to return home from Afghanistan and her response (at 1:16), after seeing him for the first time in nine months, is enough to make you a certified softy.

6. Little Myers Leonard:
Now that we’ve seen a number of children being surprised by their fathers, look what happens when a grown man is put in the same situation. Now a professional basketball player for the Portland Trailblazers, Myers Leonard is 7’1” and 255 lbs but wept like a baby when surprised by his brother, a U.S. Marine returning from two years away on duty.

7. A Mother’s Love:
There are very few more powerful emotions on the planet than a Mother’s love – if you have any doubt of this, watch as this U.S. Marine surprises his mother on Thanksgiving morning. Although she can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, one thing is for sure, she is overcome with raw emotion.

8. Say ‘Hello’ to the Monkey:
One of the more lighthearted homecomings on the list, this father had multiple surprises coming his way on his 70th birthday. In addition to being surprised by friends and family on his big day, this dad was blown away when the obnoxious dancing gorilla turned out to be his son, a military member that was obviously missed dearly.

9. Home of the Brave(s):
Although we don’t really know the exact story behind this homecoming, this is a really touching reunion because of the surrounding audience. Yes, when a soldier surprises his girlfriend at an Atlanta Braves game, with both a homecoming and a proposal, the crowd demonstrates a touching degree of outward support for our troops.

10. Home Team Homecoming:
Perhaps no other region supports their college football teams and their military troops more than the SEC. That said, in another installment of powerful homecomings with enormous crowd participation, watch as this family welcomes their military father home, in front of a South Carolina home crowd. Listen to that roar!

11. My Hero, Right Next to Jesus:
In honor of Veteran’s Day and his father’s service in Afghanistan, Cade Ellis was asked to give a speech about his hero (his father) in front of the entire hometown. After putting his father on a pedestal, next to Jesus, Cade was baffled to find his father surprisingly standing before him. You must see Cade’s reaction because clearly, “it’s the greatest feeling ever.”

12. One More Marine Mom:
Last, but absolutely not least, here is one more demonstration of a mother’s love. Thinking she was attending a work meeting, this woman’s Marine son surprised her just before Christmas and her reaction is very telling of the special bond they share. A very touching ending to our gallery!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of touching military homecomings. As powerful as these reunions are, there are many more videos online so we invite you to grab a tissue and continue watching!

3 thoughts on “Amazing Military Homecomings that Will Melt Your Heart

  1. Those videos were so heartwarming. The American spirit is so full of love for their families. What a great gift for all especially for the children. May ALL our service men and women come home safe and sound soon.

  2. I think it is awesome you guys shouldn’t have more. I miss the tv show that use to be more for a hour I’m coming home.

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