Charles Power

Loan Officer - NMLS #1312250 

Scotsman's Guide 2015I am on the 2016 Scotsman Guide’s List of Top 75 VA loan originators in the country! This is a comprehensive and very prestigious list that calculates the total volume of VA loans that each loan officer produced in 2016. Being ranked here takes an incredible amount of productivity, and I hope that this shows you how dedicated I am to providing you with a quick, easy, and affordable loan experience. 

I am just one of 14 loan officers at Low VA Rates to receive a ranking on this list. If you would like to see the full Scotsman Guide’s list, click here.

Charles Power works in the Las Vegas branch of Low VA Rates, and he loves working with veterans. He thinks it’s cool that he can support his family and help veterans at the same time, walking them through a seemingly boring process and daunting task. The best part about working with veterans is that Charles can help them when others can’t. With many banks, veterans are not helped and must look somewhere else, but here at Low VA Rates, we don’t turn veterans away. Charles wants his clients to understand that even though talking about and working through mortgages can be boring, it gets you a roof over your head. A VA loan gets you so many benefits that other loans just can’t get you, like no down payments and very low interest rates. These benefits save his clients money every time. When Charles isn’t at work, he focuses relentlessly on self-improvement. He visits the gym often and tries to always make time for his family: his 2 daughters and his wife. He also loves trying new things and recently started amateur boxing just for the experience. One unique thing about Charles is that he likes the smell of skunk.

Attention Applicants

We need you to upload the following documents to us as soon as possible. Once you complete the application under my profile picture, please send me the following by using the contact form on this page:

  • Signed Authorization Form (download here)
  • Copy of your mortgage Note (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.
  • Copy of your home owners insurance declarations page. You may also just email me the contact number and name for your insurance agent.
  • Copy of each borrowers driver’s license. If your social security number is not listed on this ID then I will need your SS card(s)
  • Copy of your mortgage statement or online print out for the month. (Does not need to be the most recent, but that is preferred)
  • If a FL, NM, OH or TX property a copy of your property survey (example can be seen here). You would have received this at your last loan closing.

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